1% For The World


I am happy to finally announce something I've been pondering for some time: Beginning in 2015 I will be rolling out a "1% For The World" campaign, meaning that 1% of all profits will be donated to charity!

This will include profits made from art sales, art rotation contracts, healing art cart contracts, commercial work, and even my brand new Patreon page (where you can support the work I'm doing to bring soothing imagery to those who need it most).

The first charity recipient will be Doctors Without Borders, as I feel it is still crucially important to support their front-line work in getting the Ebola crisis under control.  Other charities will be considered for future contributions - I encourage you to post your recommendations in the comments!

I am very excited to finally be implementing this program.  Please consider making your own contributions to Doctors Without Borders, and/or supporting the work I am doing by contributing through my Patreon page.

Happy New Year!