Print Types

Infused Aluminum Prints are a premium print type with several unique characteristics.  Images are infused directly into the surface of specially coated aluminum sheets, resulting in a print that is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and has an unparalleled, vibrant look. The integrated float-frame can accommodate security hangers to prevent prints from being stolen or from falling during an earthquake. These prints can be cleaned or sanitized without causing damage to the image, and are a great option for medical settings.

Canvas Gallery Wrap

Images are printed using a giclée process onto fine art canvas, and then stretched tight around 1.5” stretcher bars (2.5” for very large sizes). Depending on the image, the sides may mirror the colors of the image, or may be black. The canvas texture and gallery wrapped design give this print type a beautiful fine-art feel. 

Thin Wrap

Traditional photographic prints are laminated with a transparent protective coating, and then wrapped around a gator-board backing. A float-mount block lets the print float away from the wall. This print type is much more durable than the regular gator mounted prints.

Gator Mount

Traditional photographic prints are mounted to strong and rigid gator-board using a pH-neutral adhesive. This print type has fantastic image fidelity, but leaves the print exposed to the environment, and should therefore be handled with care.