1% For The World

In 2015 I made the commitment to donate 1% of all profits to charity.  I began with a donation to Doctors Without Borders, who at the time were taking the lead in the deadly Ebola outbreak.  For 2016, as issues of inequality, discrimination and political polarization came to the fore, I chose to donate to The Dream Corps.  

Future donations will be made to organizations that are doing exceptional work on important issues that impact the quality of our lives, with highest priority given to those making a tangible difference in:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Economic Inequality
  • Education

I welcome feedback from clients, fans and collectors about this program, including recommendations of organizations that deserve consideration.  

HeadstART Program

I have lived most of my life - first as an individual, and then as a business owner - on a limited budget, so I know the experience of finding exactly what you want, only to discover that it's out of your price range.  While the businessman in me requires that I keep an eye on my own bottom line, the artist in me has a commitment that my work be available to all, including those with limited budgets.  To this end, I now offer a limited number of clients my Art Rotation service on a sliding scale.  

Anyone is welcome to apply, though first priority will be given to new or smaller organizations whose purpose aligns with the core values listed above.  

The number of active HeadstART recipients is limited to 3 at any given time.  Please inquire for details and availability.