Bring On Spring (Imagery)!


Recently, here in Portland, Oregon, we had a couple precious days of gorgeous weather. Everyone raced outside, stormed the parks, mowed their lawns, and marveled at that bright orb in the sky.

But soon we found ourselves back to our usual rain. This has been an unusually dreary spring for us Pacific Northwesterners – forgive us our complaining!

Whether you’re at home or healing in a hospital, these sorts of days can get to you. Even a window can only offer so much to lift your spirits when the weather makes everything gray.

Interestingly, black and white images are discouraged for use in healthcare for this same reason (except in some cases when the print is exceptionally large and vibrant colors might actually be more jarring).

So today, I’m highlighting some vibrant, spring images that you can add to brighten up your space when the weather just won’t comply.


In general, depictions of spring are great for encouraging better healing, as it reminds us of renewal, growth, and the elevating effect of warm sunshine.

Biophilic design expert Oliver Heath  says natural images “also have the ability to provide relief from mental fatigue as they can both distract and remove us from the current environment.” Patients can certainly relate.

A patient about to enter a distressing procedure can often benefit from imagining themselves somewhere else, like a hillside on a beautiful spring afternoon. According to some patients, this is what gets them through such trying times.

But even a healthy person can relate to daydreaming of days when nature was in a better mood. How much the weather correlates with our own mood and state of being is debated in the scientific community, but if one of these images brings an extra smile or sigh of calm, I say it’s worth it. Enjoy.