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Night-time landscape lighting photography

Photographing outdoor scenes at night is a delicate art form. Some techniques can blow out detail in brighter areas, or brighten the whole scene so much that the quiet darkness of night is completely obscured from the image. The most common technique these days is to use composite exposure stacking to create HDR (high dynamic range) images where details are preserved - but all too often the results are a cartoonish surreal feel that is completely detached from the actual scene.

I have carefully perfected my own technique for capturing nighttime scenes that preserves incredible detail without betraying the darkness that makes the scene what it is. The vast majority of my images are created from a single RAW capture, carefully shot and processed to most effectively display the tastefully-lit nighttime scene. In the few cases when multiple exposures are required, I combine them carefully to avoid the surreal and cartoon-like look that has become all too common.

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Photography of landscaping and outdoor spaces

Whether commercial or residential, beautifully crafted outdoor spaces deserve to be documented and shown to the world. Let me capture the sweeping beauty and the fine details of your landscaping, masonry, architecture or natural area.

Outdoor photography services are great for:

  • Landscape Lighting Design

  • Masonry Projects

  • High-End Real Estate

  • Destination Scouting

  • Custom Gardens

  • Landscaping Design

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Hotels & Hospitality


Pricing is quoted based on the specifics of each project. Travel and multi-day projects are available at an additional cost.

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