When I started organizing this fundraiser, it was aimed at relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey.  Since then, Irma has advanced into a category 5 hurricane, and the Eagle Creek Fire has ravaged one of my favorite natural areas here in Oregon.  Relief agencies are stretched thin, with no end in sight, so I'm doing what I can to chip in.  Since the American Red Cross is involved in relief efforts for all three of these disasters (and many more), I've decided to raise funds and let them decide where they are needed most.  

Bumpsale: An Auction, With a Twist

In traditional auctions, you bid back and forth until there's one bidder left standing, and that person is the only one who pays.  With Bumpsale, every bid is collected, but only the last bid gets the item.  Bidding starts at just $1, so go crazy!  100% of proceeds will be given to the Red Cross. 

  • Reduced costs resulting from lower staff turnover and decreased cost of care.
  • Increased income by elevating the perceived quality of your organization in the view of prospective clients, foundations and donors.